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Sisyphus - Take Me- unofficial video(chill)

Sisyphus (formerly S / S / S) is a collaborative project between Serengeti, Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens.

I believe they are from Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

"Take Me" paired with the 1982 Polish experimental short film "Blok" by Hieronim Neumann.

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What's the video aiming for here? I'm kind of confused by the narrative. 

Idk, I will have to check out the lyrics, and watch the video again, so much going on in it!

Take Me Lyrics:

(Hook x2: Sufjan Stevens)


Take me to your room

I want to be your friend

(Verse 1, Sufjan)

Will you walk me home at night?

Will you send me showers of light?

I want to be your friend

Will you kiss me on the lips?

Will you fill my lunar eclipse?

I want to be your friend

Will you touch me in the car?

Will you say that I am your star?

I want to be your friend

Will you keep me safe from harm?

Will you hold me close in your arms?

I want to be your friend

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2)

And I have no appetite

And I can not sleep through the night

I want to be your friend

I've got pictures in my head

My own thought of you in my bed

I want to be your friend

With terror you may find

For I fear I'm losing my mind

I want to be your friend

And my heart is such a mess

And I feel that I am possessed

I want to be your friend(Hook x5)

The lyrics tell the story of a stalker to me, someone obsessed with being with someone else.  It's very sexual, but has a dark quality to it.

Ok, the video makes more sense given that.

Looks like this is the official video:

The other video is paired with a short film, and is unofficial. 

This video makes a lot more sense to me, actually. 

Cool, thank you.

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