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Impressive Wildlife Photos That Will Brighten Your Day: From BBC’s Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition

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bear river fish What's this? Peter Mather

Great peacock moth caterpillar magnified Leela Channer.

Is that a caterpillar?!

Yes.  I've named him Nathan Lane.

hahaha!  nathan lane...

thanks, geege!  these made some fine additions to my pinterest animals page!


My favorites...

A congregate of crocs.

congregate of crocs meme Imgur

A soloist of a sea lion.

soloist sea lion meme Imgur

A darkness of chupacabras.

darkness of chupacabras meme Imgur what does the fox say to the cactus

A belfry of bats.

belfry of bats meme Imgur

A royal pageantry of clothless/clueless emperors.

royal pageantry of clothless clueless emperors Imgur

Poetic!  I find the penguin image haunting; it's my favorite.

And riveting!

Is a chupacabra like a fox?

The penguin one is my new background. Google reverse image search found a 2500x1920 pixel version for me. 

A Chupacabra?





The chupa is cuter when alive. Looks like a fox. 

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