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Three of the Best Muppets Lip Sync to the Beastie Boys

Muppets Beastie Boys: Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal lip sync So What'cha Want (VIDEO).

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Among the Internet’s favorite pastimes is bringing the the Muppets together with pop hits that have not already been covered by the Muppets themselves. 

The latest incarnation finds three of the best Muppets “lip syncing” to a Beastie Boys classic, “So What’cha Want.”

The turtleneck-adorned trio of the Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beaker are worthy stand-ins for Mike D, MCA, and Ad-Rock thanks to aptly named YouTube user isthishowyougoviral (who is fond, it seems, of making fun Muppet lip sync videos).

Aww yesh....

I thought you'd dig that. :)

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