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what your voice is telling others about you

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When you hear a woman’s voice talking about relationships you trust it more than a man’s voice, even if the content is the same. You like a forceful male voice more than a forceful female voice, again, even when the content is the same.

Men subconsciously know the connection between voice and dominance. When they feel powerful in a group they deepen their voice and when they feel weak they raise it, unknowingly.

So... Deepen our voices to seem like we have authority?

i guess so.  i find that i have to take a deep breath before i start scolding my children and concentrate on keeping my voice low or it comes out all high-pitched and they ignore me!

It's good to insert the deep breath first, I think. 

yes, that keeps me from whining and yelling!

When in doubt, breathe. 

ahhhhhhh....  so true!

How does deep breathing work? Inhale 4 seconds, hold 7 seconds, exhale 7 seconds?

I can't find a good reference here:

Maybe Fulfillment Daily has something?

thanks for asking, adam!  here's what fulfillment daily has on breathing.  :)

Sweet. Thank you for finding that article Emily. I am going to practice. 

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