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'Simpsons' writers explain how to survive FXX's 552-episode marathon

'Simpsons' writers give epic marathon survival guide | Inside TV |

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Two people once made it 86 hours and 37 minutes through a Simpsons marathon before Fox ended the contest in a record-breaking tie.


12. DRINKING GAME: Drink a beer every time Homer drinks a beer.

11. Stretch for at least 20 minutes before doing the Bartman.

10. Every time Homer and Marge “snuggle,” think how nice it would be if you had any kind of human relationship.

2. Keep your TV room stocked with alcohol, the cause of (and solution to) all of life’s problems.

8. WASHINGTON AND COLORADO RESIDENTS ONLY: During Episode 420, you know what to do.

Episode 420 is season 19 episode 20: "All About Lisa".

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