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Demaryius Targaryen gif meme - Demaryius Stormborn, Mover of Chains

demaryius targaryen meme Imgur funny demaryius stormborn mother of dragons broncos and mover of the chains Reddit actress Emilia Clarke

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Demaryius Stormborn, Mover of Chains. Best Fantasy Football team name ever!

Photoshop credit to /u/afunnyfunnyman ...

A few Reddit comments:

Mother of Broncos?

Mother of Touchdowns!

Demaryius Targaryan: The Untackled, Queen of the Footballs and the First Downs, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Field, Mover of Chains, and Mother of Dragging Both Feet Inbounds.

Mother of smiles!

Demaryius Thomas smiling meme Imgur

Demaryius Targaryen gif Imgur Tumblr

Demaryius Targaryen fantasy football team logo meme gif funny fire and orange Imgur

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