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200 kilometer long Icelandic supervolcano about to erupt?

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Magma is on the move and swarms of earthquakes are occurring day and night :( The Icelandic authorities believe an eruption is imminent, and are prepared to shut down the air traffic system any minute now.

Uh oh. Thanks for posting this.

Consequences are uncertain.

We don't know what it's going to do, only that there's magma on the move right now in an exceedingly dangerous volcano. Of course, it would have the most effect here in Iceland, especially if it erupts under a glacier. That causes something called a jökulhlaup, a scientific term taken from the Icelandic word for it (literally "Glacier Run"). Depending on where it erupts, it could discharge water north, west, or both. West would sent it down rivers where the majority of our hydroelectric power plants are (hydroelectricity provides 75% of our power).

dr evil magma meme

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