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10 Unusual Uses For Your Flat Beer

10 Unusual Uses for Your Flat Beer

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The aftermath of a party is like a gross beer scavenger hunt. After finding all of the containers your friends left sitting around the night before, you usually pour out all the old, stale beers. But before you drain that last bottle of ale, consider putting your flat beer to better use.

A flat, unopened can of beer may not be suitable for drinking, but it'll work wonders in the kitchen, on your furniture and even in your grooming regimen.

Don't let your old beer go to waste. Instead, pour one out for shiny hair, better food and a cleaner home.

1. Liven up dull hair.

Fans of an ice cold shower beer will be happy to learn that the hoppy beverage makes a nice addition to hair care regimens. When massaged into hair after shampooing, the proteins and B vitamins in beer are said to leave hair thicker and more lustrous.

WikiHow has a simple step-by-step guide to cleaning hair with beer.

3. Soften your feet with a pedicure.


The yeast in a beer foot bath softens tough skin on the bottom of feet, and the alcohol acts as a natural antiseptic. All it takes is a basin full of warm water and half a bottle of stale beer to make your own boozy spa treatment at home.

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