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Patrice O'Neal Hilariously Breaks Down Radiohead's Creep

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I don't belong here.

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Ah Reddit:

The chord progression dictates the note choice of the melody. All three of these songs' melodies contain notes from the chords. To my ears, disregarding the fact they share notes, which is a result of them using the same chord progression, the melodies of Creep don't sound similar to those The Air That I Breathe except for one part.


[–]Alfalfa_as_FUCK 1 point 19 minutes ago 

except for one part.

Two parts in my opinion, specifically the verse and the bridge. I mean, if you think they don't sound the same, you are entirely entitled to your opinion. All I know is that I heard "The Air That I Breathe" for the first time in July on Pandora and immediately looked it up on Wikipedia because I thought it sounded so much like "Creep". Lo and behold, the first thing that I read is that they sued Radiohead for plagiarism. Not only that, but they were successful. Radiohead agreed in the settlement to list Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood as co-writers on "Creep" and now they split royalties.

Plenty of songs share chord progressions. Almost every blues song written uses the same progression, that doesn't mean they are all suing each other for plagiarism. And those that do rarely, if ever, are successful.

In this particular case it really does seem like Creep ripped off Air That I Breathe:

I like that Radiohead wrote a song called "My Iron Lung" about never being able to escape Creep.

I do agree that most pop music is a variation of Pachelbel's Canon in D:

The same four chords show up again and again. Great music video atop that page.

I do love that little guitar twitch in "Creep" by the way. 

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