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New Twitter API response in one simple graphic

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And remember: they're obviously going to get into the other three quadrants too! So long and thanks for all the fish...

I'm guessing you found that image somewhere on Twitter.

Hell hath no fury like a developer community scorned.

Ryan Sarver from Twitter says about the stuff labeled "Shit no one cares about" above, that those other three quadrants are "incredibly interesting" and have "more revenue potential for devs".

For what it's worth.

@troutgirl responded, "ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE, FUCK YEAH!!! What could be more incredibly interesting than that? Oh right... CONSUMER."

If enterprise software is so awesome why isn't Twitter doing it?

@rsarver response #1: "It's hard to discount Radian6 getting acquired for $326M, Vitrue $300M, etc. Social data is a huge and growing space."

@rsarver response #2: "People love to focus on consumer apps, but definitely more revenue potential currently, on the data/business side."

Then @b6n chimes in, "The revenue potential is either low or unproven, otherwise Twitter would take it themselves."

To which @rsarver replies, "What data do you have to back that up? Just because you don't use the products doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

@b6n responds, "My argument is not about the quality or utility of the products, but about how Twitter operates."

@rsarver replies, "Not true. it isn't a zero sum game. you need a healthy ecosystem to serve the diverse needs. not one company or product."

"You can still use Twitter to grow a business." [email protected]

There are now 32 rules you must follow if you want to develop a Twitter application:

"No other social or 3rd party actions may be attached to a tweet." [email protected]

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