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Josh Gordon ruling and aftermath 2014

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After much deliberation the judge has nominated Josh Gordon for the ice bucket challenge:

And still we wait for the NFL. Some think the longer we wait, the better it is for Josh Gordon.

"I'd like to apologize to my teammates, coaches, the Cleveland Browns organization and our fans," Gordon said in the statement. "I am very disappointed that the NFL and its hearing office didn't exercise better discretion and judgment in my case. I would like to sincerely thank the people who have been incredibly supportive of me during this challenging time, including my family, my agent, my union, my legal team, and the Cleveland Browns staff."

Andrew Brandt:

While technically a year suspension, NFL will usually grant reinstatement before training camp if it sees progress/rehab/etc.

There were lawyers. RT @ChrisMarvel Why the hesitancy on the decision? What was being discussed?


Browns WR Josh Gordon can ask for reinstatement after 2014 season. Determination made then about training camp 2015.

Albert Breer:

... Gordon's legal team will evaluate the full decision and decide how to proceed on that front.

Ian Rapoport:

Browns argued to be able to keep Josh Gordon around the facility while he’s suspended. They’ve wanted to help him. No word if it’ll happen


Having talked to people who know Josh Gordon, there's a feeling his self-esteem issues are the overriding problem, moreso than the drugs.


No settlement talks too place for a potentially shortened suspension for Josh Gordon, I’m told. So it was always a year or nothing.

Can he play if he changes his name to The Receiver Formerly Known as Josh?

the receiver formerly known as Josh Gordon meme Imgur

Grantland points out that they reduced Prater's same bad behavior to 4 games because booze instead of marijuana.

NFL Roundup: Josh Gordon Is Gone, Cam Is Hurt, But Bortles Is Here «

dave chappelle josh gordon meme Imgur crackhead y'all got any more of them josh gordon articles you guys Tyrone Biggums

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Tyrone Biggums meme y'all got any more of them sources Imgur Dave Chappelle

Reddit Comment in that last link:

"Goodell needs to suspend himself 6 games for the domestic abuse he is putting Josh Gordon owners through."

Josh Gordon pointing meme winning Imgur

Flash Gordon's awesome ride is a Camo Porsche:

All aboard the Josh Gordon hype train!

hype train choo choo mother fucker meme imgur josh Gordon yeah

so youre telling me theres a chance gif Imgur

Welcome to my world:

Josh Gordon Suspended for the year

Josh Gordon will appeal

Has a great case, likely to be dismissed

likely to be 8 games

theres a chance its less than 8

Its gonna be all 16 or nothing

Year long suspension upheld

Gordon will play in CFL

Gordon cant play in CFL

Gordon will file an injunction

Gordon will work at auto dealership

Rule change by Sunday could lift Gordon's suspension entirely

And then ... ?

Josh Gordon suspended for the year

Josh Gordon will appeal

Has a great case, likely to be dismissed

Likely to be 8 games

There's a chance it's less than 8

It's gonna be all 16 or nothing

Year long suspension upheld

Gordon will play in CFL

Gordon can't play in CFL

Gordon will file an injunction

Gordon will work at auto dealership

Rule change by Sunday could lift Gordon's suspension entirely

Gordon will not sue

NFLPA seeks suspension reversal

family guy josh Gordon meme politics Lois imgur

fantasy football subreddit Josh Gordon owners f5'ing Imgur

Josh Gordon hype train says CHOO CHOO ...

Josh Gordon hype train meme choo choo Imgur Reddit

free Josh Gordon meme Imgur

waiver wire hype train gif imgur josh Gordon polar express

Tim Cook Josh Gordon meme Imgur

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McCoy, Gordon, and Rivers:

lesean mccoy josh gordon gif Imgur

josh gordon lights up the league meme Imgur

Josh Gordon meme I want to believe Imgur

Josh Gordon waving arms gif Imgur Wacky Arm Flailing

Let us take a moment.

Our Gord, who aren't on the field
Joshua be thy name
Thy playing time has come
Thy agreement shall be done
On the field as it is in fantasy heaven
Give us this week our weekly PPRs
and forgive us our duds
as we forgive those who started studs against us
and lead us not into the Sacko
but into the Championship
For thine is the speed, and the route running,
and hands of our Gordon.

Josh Gordon Vince McMahon gif Imgur

Vince McMahon bodybuilder gif Imgur giphy

Josh Gordon Mike Tolbert eagle meme Imgur

More Flash Gordon and Superman Tolbert:

Josh Gordon meme Imgur with Superman Mike Tolbert

Josh Gordon meme Flash Gordon Imgur

Josh Gordon swag gif Imgur sexy snoop Dogg blingee

let josh Gordon play gif Imgur madden

Josh Scoredon? Commissioner Gordon!

Josh Gordon meme commissioner Gordon Imgur

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Josh Gordon meme I want to believe Imgur

Raise your hands!

Josh Gordon raise your hands meme Imgur

"Roger Goodell is the worst sports commissioner in my lifetime." ~Bill Simmons

Josh Gordon meme because fuck your fantasy team Imgur

Okay it's officially a 10 game suspension for Josh Gordon.

Darn it. 

Josh Gordon hype train meme choo choo Imgur underailable

Josh Gordon weed meme marijuana Imgur

Josh Gordon golden ticket meme willy wonka Imgur

Josh Gordon yeah gif Imgur

Josh Gordon catching marijuana joint meme Imgur

10 games. It's official. 10 games.

Face u make when it's official & fantasy owners are pissed lol.. 11.23.13

josh gordon flash gordon meme instagram Imgur

Reddit comments:

Thank you soccerperson for this, source is link above:

|--------------------------We called upon a prophet----------------------------|
|-------------------One necessary for these trying times---------------------|
|---------------The holy one was unable to answer our cries---------------|
|-----------------for he was exiled by the ruling overlords------------------|
|-----------He lay in a dormant state waiting out his sentence------------|
|--------------------For twelve long weeks we stood by----------------------|
|---------------as a season of war broke out across the land---------------|
|---------------Amongst the turmoil whole armies crumbled---------------|
|-------------------------Others rose up in defiance----------------------------|
|---------------creating a stir amidst those in the federation---------------|
|----------Some sought refuge, calling out the redeemer's name---------|
|--------------But the prophet remained silent, biding his time------------|
|-----------Our patience was tried yet we knew it would pay off----------|
|----------------And now more than ever we need our savior---------------|
|------On the seventeenth day of the eleventh month, he awakens------|
|----------as banishment lifts against the wishes of the council-----------|
|---------------For the time of Gordon's reckoning is upon us---------------|
|---------------------------The prophet has risen--------------------------------|

Josh Gordon has risen.

Josh Gordon he has risen gif Imgur Jesus flying

In other sizes:

250x215 - apparently the correct ESPN size






Josh Gordon Jesus he has risen gif imgur ESPN size

Q: Over the course of a calendar year, Aldon Smith got a DUI, was charged with three felony counts of owning illegal assault weapons, was accused of firing a shotgun AT guests at his own party, and made a bomb threat directly to a TSA agent at an airport. His suspension was one less game than Josh Gordon’s suspension for smoking pot. God Bless America.—Corry, South Portland, ME

BS: And he’s playing on Thursday night! Niners giving one! Sign me up! DOUBLE MY BET!


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