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Shipwreck Survivor Rescued After Spending 3 Years on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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This can't be real, can it?

He first gathered thousands of plastic bottles that he put together by using some torn fishing net, creating a raft of acceptable floatability. He then arranged a few large plastic tarps that he found to cover the maximum possible surface area in an attempt to collect some drops of rain or condensation, gathering with difficulty the minimal quantity of water he needed to survive. He also achieved to gather some fish and even catch some sea birds by using some other pieces of fishing nets and his ragtag fishing rod.

I don't know! If it is, it is incredibly impressive.

Well, there are other impressive survival stories out there.

This story does seem like it's not real, because I can't find other mentions of it out there.

Ya - once you questioned it, I searched it too and couldn't find it anywhere else!  Ha!

While it sounded pretty amazing, the idea of surviving on the garbage patch sounded within the realm of possibility!

Now I kind of want to try it to see if it can be done!

Maybe it would make a good reality series?

For t.v. purposes, I think you would need another person there with you.  It could be someone with whom you would argue a lot, or else someone to whom you would give a rose. Ideally, that person would have both sets of qualities for more drama and excitement! You could probably get on Bravo!

So I went to Snopes.  I regret everything. 

Ha ha!

Sperm Whales visit Condom Reef FTW.

You would need at least one other person there with you for tv purposes.  Either someone you would constanrly argue with, or else someone to whom you would give a rose.   Even better if you could find both of those in the same person! 

Well now I don't know what to believe. 

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