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Why Luxury Food Items Are Rarely Worth Their Price | TIME Ideas |

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I remember a conversation with a woman about French laundry who was unimpressed. When I pressed her to describe what she had eaten (I have also eaten there) I realized she couldn't taste half of what was occurring. She should have never spent the money to go there.

We accept there are nearsighted, farsighted, tone deaf... why not taste deaf people?

"Taste deaf" is a better phrase than "no palate" or deracinated.

Upon graduating from an undergraduate cirriculum at UCI, my friend and I went out for a celebratory drink. Two snifters of Louis the 13th congnac. We came home and told his dad who promptly told us that was the pinnacle of cognacs in the world and that only a few palates sophisticated enough in the world could truly appreciate such a drink.

We enjoyed it anyways. :-)

Sounds like you truly appreciated it.

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