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How It's Made: Jawbreakers, Gum... and Neon Signs

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Gum is made from rubber?! I'm chewing on rubber??

1000 Reddit comments:

I agree with the Redditor:  How its made was the most underrated show of all time

There are more of these?

Neat! Whoa, gum:

i have way more appreciation for candy and gum now! (not that i need it!!)

I have way more "eww that's gross" feelings about candy and gum now. They're so... Processed.

yeah, but you knew that.  :)  check out those fancy machines!!!

They are so shiny and mesmerizing. It's hard to stay angry at them. 

right?!  and i'm always amazed at what specific functions they have.

Humans are excellent at inventing machines. 

1.  It takes four days to make a jawbreaker!

2.  There are "psychedelic" jawbreakers!

3.  I will never put one of these things in my mouth again!  They are not food!

1. Why does it take 4 days?

2. What is a psychedelic jawbreaker?


1.  So. Many. Steps.

2.  Colors are added to make them look like little tie-dye t-shirts.  I know, I know ... you were hoping for more.

3.  They're 90% sugar!

1. 4 days is a LOT of steps. 

2. You're right, I was hoping for more. 

3. What's the other 10%?

3.  Binders, food coloring and stuff that keeps jawbreakers from sticking to your teeth.

You're right. That's not food. 

Of the subjects you chose to highlight, none is more edible than the others.

LOL at the thought of eating Neon Signs.

Jelly beans?

The basic ingredients of jelly beans include sugar, corn syrup, and pectin or starch. Relatively minor amounts of the emulsifying agent lecithin, anti-foaming agents, an edible wax such as beeswax, salt, and confectioner's glaze are also included.

Why does our society have so many consumable non-foods?

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