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Learning the NFL offense and defense formations infographic

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This is excellent. 

Slot receiver is also called the X receiver and the sideline receiver is also called the Z receiver. 

These were made by Redditor jujubean5:

This started as a project last year to help one of my friends get into football and understand the strategy and what was actually happening on the field. The idea was to start at the basics, assuming someone who didn't know anything about football, and work up to more complicated topics. I also started making the guides with a view towards non-American audiences as well, as I meant to post them during the off-season but lost steam. The I'm new to the NFL and very confused thread reminded me I had these on my computer, so I decided to throw them up to hopefully help anyone getting into it before the season starts.

Edit: Glad this is helping people! Like I've said in other posts, this is based off of my understanding of the game and aimed at a beginner audience, so it is by no means complete or necessarily 100% correct. Keep providing feedback on stuff to clarify/change/add/spelling/etc and I will incorporate it. If you want to make your own slides explaining concepts I missed or that you're really knowledgeable on, I made a style guide so that it all stays consistent (Great Lakes NF font here). Totally willing to make this a collaborative thing to get a really good /r/nfl football guide built up.

More Reddit comments:

The other infographics on that page are excellent too:

Learning the NFL - Imgur

Learning the NFL - Imgur

Learning the NFL - Imgur

Learning the NFL - Imgur

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