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Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford SI Cover 2014

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Is it me or does Matthew Stafford look particularly buff and Jay Cutler look particularly fluffy?

I swear, someone at Sports Illustrated must really hate Smokin' Jay. When you're standing next to a man who is widely known as "Fat Stafford", but he looks super buff and you are displaying a double chin, a gut, and white pants so tight that now we all know what religion you are NOT -- some photo editor must have lost a LOT of money on you in fantasy football or something.

You're right, they somehow made Stafford look more buff than Jay!

Smokin' Jay Cutler:

Smokin' Jay Cutler SI 2014 cover tumblr meme Imgur

Also: "8 men, 7 shirts: The story of Colin Kaepernick."

colin kaepernick shirtless SI cover 2014 russell wilson huge junk meme Imgur

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