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Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum – the robot that sees all around the room at once

Source: YouTube Video

A team of 31 Dyson robotic software engineers spent over 100,000 hours creating a unique 360 degree vision system to allow the Dyson 360 Eye robot to build detailed floor plans and intelligently navigate around a room.A live vision camera captures 30 images every second to build a complete and constantly updated, picture of its environment. The robot then picks out features in the room and tracks its position relative to those objects. The Dyson 360 Eye vacuum literally sees all around the room at once meaning it always knows where it is, where it has been, and where it is yet to clean.Proximity and infrared sensors work in conjunction with a lens on top of the machine to place obstacles on the map meaning it avoids bumping into everyday items like sofas and chairs. 

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Robotic software engineers could mean many things.

But this is cool.

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