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Map: How climate change could put hundreds of bird species at risk

Map How climate change could put hundreds of bird species at risk Vox


Now, the caveats: The current Audubon study is only a first pass at this question. It doesn't take into account, for instance, what sorts of predators the birds may face as their ranges shift, or what sort of new competition they'll face for food, or the effects of sea-level rise. It also, crucially, doesn't look at the effects of climate change in Central and South America — where many birds spend the winter.

But it does suggest that some birds are likely to face dramatic changes.

Further readingHere's an overview of the Audubon report. You can check out a variety of interactive maps for various bird species here — from bald eagles to spotted owls.

Here's an op-ed in the Washington Post in which two Audubon officials talk about whether or not birds might be able to adapt to this shift. (Among other things, they suggest that conservation efforts now need to take into account the fact that bird ranges are going to shift dramatically over the next 80 years.)

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