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A Void in the History of September 11th

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The evidence of Saudi government support for the 9/11 hijacking is “very disturbing,” and that “the real question is whether it was sanctioned at the royal-family level or beneath that, and whether these leads were followed through.”


"September 11th may be a part of history now, but some of the events that led to that horrible day remain veiled by the political considerations of the present. The intelligence community doesn’t want to light up its failures once again."According to the Heritage Foundation, from 2001 - 2009 5,107 Americans lost their lives at the hands of terrorists.  That's far fewer than any of the top 15 causes of death for any given year (more than 7 times that number took their own lives in 2010 alone).  I know their failures have to be hard to deal with as they are magnified by emotions, media, etc., but wouldn't it be safe to say that our security apparatus (including the bureaucrats/politicians who run it) has done a pretty damn good job, all things considered?

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