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Fishing is a huge business, but does it need disruption?

Fishing is a huge business but does it need disruption VentureBeat Entrepreneur by Dylan Tweney


Still, it struck me — and several other tech-industry reporters — as a little odd, a site that helps people book charter boats for fishing trips, won the“Audience Choice” award at Disrupt, a tech-industry conference here in San Francisco.

“Who says the Valley is out of ideas?” tweetedWall Street Journal writer Christopher Mims.

“There’s a critical shortage of fishing trip booking apps,” I snarkily replied.

That prompted venture capitalist Marc Andreessen to weigh in a little later, pointing out our folly in being so snarky.

“‘Silicon Valley doesn’t make things for regular people!’ ‘Silicon Valley built a product for regular people who like fishing & it’s stupid!'” Andreessen tweeted, mocking journalists like me who can’t seem to make up our minds about which way Silicon Valley happens to be stupid this week.

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It sure does seem like Fishing Booker winning disrupt means that Silicon Valley is out of big ideas. 

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