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DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM gif + Five Guys video:

I am ashamed to admit that I first found this video on 9GAG. I share it on Reddit regularly.

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Do you know the difference between a weak burger and a burger of strength?

Watch this dude's review of Five Guys and you'll know that you can talk through the eating of a weak burger.

The music video version of this is also awesome:

Thank you badmonkey0001 for telling me about it:

Dayum Dayum DAYUM Five Guys reaction guy gif

Dayum Dayum DAYUM Five Guys reaction guy gif

That bacon is so serious boy! 

Bacon so serious it makes you say DAYUM!!! 

dayum gif

He has a whole YouTube channel:

Here's a high quality version of the dayum gif:

dayum dayum dayum gif Imgur damn damn damn five guys burger dude

Thank you jakemrepic for making this gif:

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker concur. DAMN.

damn gif

damn gif

Ice cube Chris tucker damn Friday gif

It was a good day.

Ice cube it was a good day

High quality version of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker DAMN:


will smith damn

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