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The Top 15 Tumblr Blogs by Followers

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Rich Kids of Instagram is #1 ?!

Besides that one, Texts From Dog (#7) and Staff (#12) are the only two in the Top 15 I have heard of.

The average Tumblr user has 108 followers.

I linked to this article from the "Tumblr Is Not What You Think" article:

Here are the most visited Tumblr blogs worldwide, according to Quantcast:

  1. (1.9 million unique monthly visitors)A blog dedicated to news about Minecraft, a game about blocks. 
  2. (1.2 million unique monthly visitors): A collection of hilarious GIFs.
  3. (1.1 million unique monthly visitors): The personal blog of David J. Peterson, the guy who created the Dothraki and Valyrian languages for HBO's Game of Thrones. 
  4. (715.6 thousand unique monthly visitors): A site dedicated to Korean comics.  
  5. (707 thousand unique monthly visitors): A blog about the trials and tribulations of finding housing in New York City. 
  6. (645.7 thousand unique monthly visitors): Created by producer Matt Binder, Public Shaming will call you out if you start tweeting hypocritical content. 
  7. (606.3 thousand unique monthly visitors): A blog all about movie quotes and inside jokes. 
  8. (525.3 thousand unique monthly visitors): A graduate student documents her life through GIFs.
  9. (490.7 thousand unique monthly visitors): Comedy Central's official blog. 
  10. (449.7 thousand unique monthly visitors): A blog that documents all the reasons why children cry.


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