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It’s “All Right” to Use “Alright” | Britannica Blog

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However, during one descriptive action scene she used the word “alright” – which in my book is “all wrong.”  I asked my wife how she would use and spell the word “all right” – her response she said depended upon how it was used in the sentence, but she sided with “alright” and made what I thought was a lame argument in defense.  I, of course, took the high ground and informed my wife how incorrect she was, that there was no such word as “alright” and there probably never was and certainly there should never be such a word because it was all wrong.  And, if she were a student of mine at the university, I would promptly fail her even though my wife is better educated and smarter that I am.  Still, the rules of grammar must be adhered to (sorry for ending the sentence with a preposition).  I cannot make an exception for even my wife.

Note that Tina has stashed about alright before.

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