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Google's self-driving cars and others get permits to drive in California | The Verge

Why Google's new self-driving cars could be the safest on the road


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The permits are the result of a law  California passed back in 2012 officially specifically authorizing autonomous vehicle tests, which came after similar laws were passed in Florida and Nevada. Though not illegal before, there weren't any specific regulations in California governing how self-driving cars should be treated differently from cars with human drivers. Now any qualified organization can apply for self-driving car permits: they cost $150 for the first car and $50 for every additional car, and require companies testing them to cover insurance costs up to $5 million.

The permits are designed to help legitimize and regulate the burgeoning technology, while making sure that California remains at the forefront of its research and development. Small wonder the California DMV trumpeted the news. "Autonomous vehicles are the future of transportation. The potential safety and mobility benefits are enormous," said Jean Shiomoto, director of the California DMV in a statement. "Testing on public roads is one step to developing this technology, and the DMV is excited in facilitating the advancement of autonomous vehicles in California."

Correction: this story originally stated that Google only conducted self-driving car tests on closed courses or select areas. The company actually was able to conduct tests anywhere in the state. The story has since been updated to reflect this.

Whoa, Florida is going to have self driving cars too?! Cool!

I hope no one shoots them.

Are self-driving cars in Florida also equipped with automatic weapons?

Yeah science!

Are you referring to the final episode of Breaking Bad?!

I wasn't but now I'm thinking of it. 

Jesse Pinkman box meme Breaking Bad finale Felina 516 woodworking whats in the box Imgur

Closing:  "The biggest losers are going to be the trial lawyers."

They say that as if being a loser is future tense for the trial lawyers.

Heh heh.

Trial lawyer theme song:


Can you believe that song is 20 years old?

The 90's might not have been good for fashion but it was awesome for music!  

I can't believe the 90's are 20 years old.

Which means kids born in the 90s are 20somethings who consider Beck to be "classic rock"?

Did you not notice this car "tops off at 25mph?" Um... of course they're safe. It'd take me too long to get to work, I think... but I do like the camera options...

According to this article, they can exceed speed limits by 10 mph.

Yeah, I've seen them on the highway. They can go at least 65. 

These cars can handle four-way stops... but can they handle roundabouts?! *dun dun dunnnnn*

Britain <3 roundabouts.

Good question. I think so but I'm not certain. 

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