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"You can still use [Twitter] to grow a business." ~ @joshelman

Stop mischaracterizing Twitter platform. You can still use it to grow a business. Just not one that looks like Twitter
7:28 AM Aug 21 2012

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cool story bro

They don't want you to display tweets in a "non-Twittery" way and they don't want you replicating the Twitter experience too closely (i.e., displaying tweets in a Twittery way).

Also, the already severely rate-limited API is going to become even stricter on its limits, and will stop supporting unauthenticated API calls altogether.

What kind of stupid ass would try to start a company that was based primarily on the Twitter API? I'm tempted to stop using the API altogether and rely on our bookmarklet to rip whatever data people want to save from Twitter.

Cool starry, bra.

Cool starry, bra. - PandaWhale

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