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The #1 Relationship Building Mistake Smart People Make |

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Introductions can be the most powerful way to build a network. However, if you make the same mistake I made, it can be the worst way.

Timing is important -- it's gotta be useful to both people when you make the introduction. 

Great article, Michael. 

I might have called this article "how to make introductions" just so I can find it again.

Great article Michael, it's always good to learn from other people's real-life experiences! I should also mention that Adam Rifkin gets MANY MANY MORE actual requests for introductions than most people do. For his three intros a day, he is selecting from a subset of specific requests he gets -- therefore he doesn't run into the problems of unwanted introductions that you did. However he still does make sure the introduction would be welcome all around before he actually connects the two parties.

Thanks Adam!

You're welcome. And Joyce, that's a really good point so thank you for bringing it up.

Thanks and great points Joyce! When I interviewed Adam last year, I remember him mentioning this, and it's an amazing system!! I think what I under-estimated starting from scratch was that it takes a long time to get to the point where Adam is, and trying to force it can be a bad thing. 

In retrospect, I would have started with 1 introduction per day.

One thing I love about the habit is that it forces you to build whole other systems to proactively think about how you could help people and also keep in touch.After writing this article, I'm getting reinspired to start the habit again with my lessons learned. When I was doing it, I felt the energy of the network really change in a positive way.

Adam - Have you ever written what it was like to start the 3 intros per day habit in the beginning, and how the habit transformed over time as you built your reputation as an introducer? Also, out of curiosity, is there anyone in your network who has started the introduction habit and kept it going for years? Would be very interesting to here their experiences?

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