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Drones vs rangers at National Parks

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Dronies don't seem to understand that their actions are harmful to others.

They really don't seem to understand. Is regulating the only solution?

Most human actions mess up nature. The drones are new and growing, so the next decade will be a lot of experimentation. action, reaction, overreactions, etc. 

It's not just that they mess up nature. They mess up other people's good experiences with nature. I don't go to the National Parks to be buzzed by other people's shittily-flown tiny helicopters, man.

again, it is something new. 

Young males being inconsiderate jerks is not new, dude. Oldest story in the world! I should know :)

Are all the drone owners male?

good point Fish, new things allow for new young jerks. 

Asshattery:  "In April 2014, a drone was spotted at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, and another buzzed over a herd of bighorn sheep at Zion National Park in Utah, apparently separating adults from young animals. In June 2014, a man posted a video of a drone shot in Alaska's Denali National Park—a park spokeswoman told Ars that its presence disrupted a local bird population."

Drone or no drone, this is awful.


I can't tell if that's sarcasm...

haha, it was not meant sarcastically. 

There's something uncompassionate about drones buzzing wildlife and people at National Parks. 

Essentially, they care more about their drones than about others. 

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