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What is the best way to meet a co-creator?

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I see founder dating, etc etc... but where would you go to find a partner to make something you want to see in the world? I have a couple things I want to do, both probably not a startup that will rock kleiner perkin's world, one takes a biz type, one takes a dev type... and I'm not sure after going to all these gladhandling network events where everyone is talking about their potential millions to find someone who just cares about making good stuff.

Almost always it's someone you've worked with before.

So... LinkedIn?

Through friends or mutual advisors. I think there's a great opportunity for passion/market fit as Naval writes about. As much as people say people matter more than ideas, people still bond over commonalities -- e.g. Two folks who are passionate about the same ideas you are building (biz type for one, Dev type for the other.).

For example if it were education, EdSurge has a phenomenal list of upcoming events related to education and EdTech from all different perspectives -- teacher/educator, entrepreneur, publisher -- so that's an example of a good opportunity to meet like-minded advisors or individuals with whom to co-create.

But basically, know that it takes time to find someone.

Because you're looking for chemistry.


That's okay because it's one of those things that is most worth spending time on.

Founding is like marriage, for sure. Where you have a baby with colic almost immediately.

Like attracts like. If I need smart, I ask the smartest people I know who is smart. I'm rarely disappointed.

Situations like this are where having snobby friends really pays off (as long as they are pretty objective.) If someone has good taste and high standards they can be difficult to deal with (we all have foodie friends you occasionally want to choke) but when the chips are down and you need recommendations you can count on, snobs are gold. :)

I want to put "Snobs are gold" on a tee shirt. :)

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