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Flowchart: "Can I Get Pregnant?" | Mother Jones

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Learn the biology of your body, according to conservative male lawmakers.

Strictly from a politics standpoint would you rather Akin stay in the race so we can beat him, or would you rather they replace him as a candidate so there's zero chance he gets in the Senate even though we then might lose this election?

I wouldn't mind him staying in the race. He is entitled to his weird ideas, and the longer people like him run their mouths, the more they alienate themselves.

This is Missouri we're talking about here.. I really don't think this is going to be a major hit on him.

... which is why he's resisting dropping out.

But what he says affects independent voters in swing states.

Obama could win on the back of this issue, once Paul Ryan admits that he shares Akin's view.

How's this: if they're really going for maximizing the disgruntled white working class demographic, then this might actually be a plus, presuming that for this demographic, the line between what is and is not rape is not the same as for other demos.

they're not that smart.... or that stupid... to spin things that way.. single events or gaffes this far out rarely affect the outcome of a large election.

Actually, at this point it seems like Obama's campaign has something every week.

One week he's pro gay marriage.

The next week he's talking about sensible immigration.

Then it's about "Where are Romney's tax returns?"

Then this week it's about saying "Rape is rape".

It's a steady stream of week after week, building his base.

And that might very well swing the election.

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