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Study says Silicon Valley swimming with eligible men

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Hey ladies! There are apparently 114 employed young men for every 100 women in Silicon Valley. That sex ratio is worse than China's notorious 108 boys per 100 girls.

date early and date often?

This article speaks to quantity but not quality.

You know what also has quantity but quality? A buffet.

Hahaha a lot of people tell you that dating is literally just a numbers game, and your whole goal should be to meet as many people in your target group as possible to increase your odds. Another big issue in Silicon Valley is that the population is SO self-selected that you can end up dating the same kind of guy over and over. It can easily turn into a lifestyle that feels like an endless round of job interviews... or I guess like visiting a buffet that has a lot of the same kind of food.

I believe the same kind of guy story. DC, NYC, and LA ladies have said that before as well. 

Dating the same kind of person over and over should not yield different results. Because science. 

Silicon Valley, DC, NYC, and LA ladies said that to you? Wow Jared, you get around! :p

There's one thing about this list that truly puzzles me. There is NO SENSE in which SF - Oakland - Hayward constitutes a cohesive dating pool. Most of the people I know in SF would not even go to Oakland for a date and vice versa... but I don't think I know a single person who would go to Hayward for a date! George Clooney or Jennifer Lawrence could be living in anonymous loneliness in Hayward for all anyone knows.

Also in my experience the dating pools in the Bay Area are actually VERY segregated by ethnicity. If you looked at this map:

you might conclude that hey, there are about equal areas of singles in the Bay Area. But a lot of "singles" in the higher-female areas are Asian girls who live with their parents in the Richmond, or single moms in Oakland, or Filipina nursing students in Daly City... and by and large they are not interested in dating young white techie boys in hoodies who never leave SoMA.

In general young white techie boys in hoodies who never leave SoMA are not considered desirable.

They are the backup plan for some, and the not-if-they-were-the-last-men-on-earth for others. 

Great point Joyce. Single means a lot of things. Dating data should break down singles more. 

I should also mention that the ethnic stuff goes both ways. For instance Sunnyvale has an ENORMOUS number of single male Indian and Latino immigrants who don't seem super interested in dating outside their own cultures.

One of the OkCupid founders recently wrote on how the race game in dating has not varied too much in the last five years. Asian women and white men win.

Same race still is the trumping desire. 

I would be interested in a breakdown of the big US cities of the stereotypical single types and the dating trouble they have.