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GeekWire » Dave McClure is ripping VCs again: They’re f***ing arrogant and stupid a**holes » GeekWire

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“The last 10 to 20 years you’d think that it has been all about VCs making money, because that’s all we hear about,” said McClure. “But really it is all about VCs failing and failing to return capital and being f**king idiots. VCs are stupid. They are absolutely stupid. Does anyone want to challenge that statement? Does anyone think that VCs are not stupid?”

He added that the returns for venture capital “absolutely suck.” But it is not just that most VCs aren’t good at making money.

Nope, McClure said it is made even worse since most VCs are “insufferable, arrogant, fucking assholes” who don’t make bets early enough; have no idea what makes a good product and don’t know how to build communities.

And yet he wants VCs to invest in companies he has funded?

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