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Chris Dixon is not only joining Andreessen Horowitz; he’s leaving New York

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Case in point: Dixon asked if Andreessen Horowitz had some laptop stickers so he could #humblebrag about his new gig by putting one on his laptop.

“Stickers?” Andreessen literally didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Entrepreneurs put them on laptops, and it’s great because it looks like they think you’re cool,” Dixon explains.

“That’s an East Coast thing. No one would dare sully Jony Ives’ design out here,” Andreessen says."

BONUS: Marc Andreessen DEAL WITH IT gif!

Marc Andreessen DEAL WITH IT gif

I love that Sarah Lacy would slip in that gif, mid-article.

 I feel like a better caption would be 'Just Did it"

The Nike swoosh is a nice touch.

But Deal with it is a well known Internet meme.

Thank you for the follow-up to Kara Swisher outing Chris Dixon's plan to join a16z.

But hold on a minute...

It’s not that Andreessen Horowitz doesn’t believe in New York– three of its biggest deals are there in FourSquare, Fab and Quirky. But Andreessen Horowitz and Benchmark Capital are perhaps two of the only mega firms left who avowedly refuse to expand beyond Sand Hill Road. “We are a single office firm,” Marc Andreessen says. “We take teamwork really seriously, and it’s a big deal to have everyone in the same place.”

Didn't Benchmark move to San Francisco?

Chris Dixon on leaving New York to come to Menlo Park:

"You can think of it as I’m abandoning New York or I’m beginning the process of bringing the best venture firm in the country back to New York. I like to think of it as the latter."

So he'll be taking regular trips to New York even though he'll be based in Menlo Park.

Chris Dixon represents "the best of that new breed of angels":

Similarities aside, Dixon will bring a decidedly new energy, brand and background to Andreessen Horowitz. All of the GPs are operators, but they are currently heavy on sales and public company experience. Sure Ben Horowitz has his edgy blog posts, but there is nary a regular Tweeter among them. None represent the voice of the edgy super angel class or the young entrepreneur. Dixon does both, but has the operational chops and experience so that he’s not just that. “I think he’s the best of that new breed of angels,” Andreessen says. “We already have a number of people who have run big companies employing thousands of people– we have that covered. If anything Chris has just avoided that emotional scarring.”

Plus, he tweets.

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