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Stop Doing This One Thing In Email Introductions To Busy People |

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Chances are that the people you most want to build a relationship with are busy....very busy. Here's how to make an introductions that they will love you for.

Michael, these are good:

Key 1: Explain why you think two people should connect (1 or 2 sentences). Is there a specific problem that one or both of them are facing that could be solved by this introduction? Or do you think they should know each other because they share a common passion, goal, or value?

Key 2: Explain who each person is to the other (2 to 4 sentences). In making email introductions, too many people include just a link to each person's LinkedIn profile, which forces the other to click and sift through lots of info. Instead, spend an extra 30 seconds detailing each person's most relevant background info and then give a link to allow the other to find out more.

I would add:

3. Explain why now. Do one or both people have some reason to talk now rather than wait. 

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