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Is Kindness Physically Attractive?

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I think this is true! Often I have found that very kind people seem very attractive, maybe because you find yourself very quickly focusing on their eyes as you talk to them? The effect actually seems to intensify as you get older, when habits of body and mind etch themselves on your face more clearly...

That makes a lot of sense. 

I especially like the beauty tip the researchers give: “If you want to enhance your physical attractiveness, become a valuable social partner.”

By Scott Barry Kaufman:

One of the most robust findings in social psychology is the beauty-is-good stereotype: physically attractive people are perceived and treated more positively than physically unattractive people [1]. But here's the thing: I have definitely met attractive people who went from hot to not the second they opened their mouths! Vice-versa, some people are so kind and awesome that you can't help but be attracted to them, regardless of their score on

Which has me wonderingI know beautiful is often perceived as good, but isn't good also beautiful? I mean, I know we are an extremely looks obsessed culture, and research does show that the people we initially perceive as physically attractive tend to follow a very predictable pattern: they are averagesymmetrical, and have hormone-dependent features [2]. But don't things like character and goodness also factor into our perceptions of physical attractiveness?

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