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Tesla Model S with dual drive, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and autopilot system that can park on its own in a garage...

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So you can basically step out of your car and the car will park itself without anyone inside the car!

Like Batman. Or Iron Man. Sweet!

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Riding in the Tesla P85D with autopilot:

Reddit comments:

Yes, but can it detect when it's low on reserves and go replenish itself?  Identify threats? 

Not yet, but I can imagine them adding those features in future generations.

The car does slow down when you hit a slower zone, too:

The second half of the course demos some of the car's new "autopilot" features. This isn't full control of the car. It's little things like letting you change lanes just by flicking your turn signal (while the car looks out for anything that may be around you), as well as identifying signs and people. Nobody jumped out at us, but the car automatically changed its speed when we hit a slower zone.

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