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Adam Grant, Professor - Givers, Takers and Matchers - Zeitgeist Americas 2014

Source: YouTube Video

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Wonderful talk. And Adam Grant starts discussing the Great Panda, Adam Rifkin, at 13:09...

I didn't really retire in my 30s. In fact, I work more now than then.

I do like reducing the cost of giving by specializing. That's an excellent tip.

Your style is how you behave with most people, most of the time.

Matchers are the karma police. They're the one who gossip about the takers not to trust them.

Other takers hurt takers, too: they're the most ruthless whistle blowers.

Takers kiss up and kick down. Choose references from below.

Givers are best served removing takers from their lives.

Givers need Matchers in their lives as part of an immune system against the takers. 

Givers never self identify. They're too busy helping people. 

Successful givers specialize in a domain, and they're willing to ask for help.

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