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Human Brain on the Left, Dolphin Brain on the Right

human brain on the left dolphin brain on the right Imgur

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Is it me or does the dolphin brain seem more advanced?

It needs to be, to save the human race. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

The dolphins are also smarter than the humans in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Thanks for all the wiki!

The discovery of spindle cells (neurons without extensive branching, known also as "von Economo neurons", or VENs) in the brains of the humpback whale, fin whale, sperm whale, killer whale,[15][16] bottlenose dolphins, Risso's dolphins, and beluga whales[17] is another unique discovery. Humans, the great apes, and elephants, species all well known for their high intelligence, are the only others known to have spindle cells[18](p242). Spindle neurons appear to play a central role in the development of intelligent behavior. Such a discovery may suggest a convergent evolution of these species.[19]

Some got trunks, others got blow holes, and yet others got student debt.

In response to Adam's "I'd rather have a trunk or blow hole" that I accidentally deleted:  Best bumper sticker ever.

Unlike terrestrial mammals, dolphin brains contain a paralimbic lobe, which may possibly be used for sensory processing. The dolphin is a voluntary breather, even during sleep, with the result that veterinary anaesthesia of dolphins is impossible, as it would result in asphyxiation.[citation needed] Ridgway reports that EEGs show alternating hemispheric asymmetry in slow waves during sleep, with occasional sleep-like waves from both hemispheres.[citation needed] This result has been interpreted to mean that dolphins sleep only one hemisphere of their brain at a time, possibly to control their voluntary respiration system or to be vigilant for predators. This is also given as explanation for the large size of their brains.[citation needed]

Can you imagine being able to be half asleep all the time?

I just imagined being in an eternal economics class, so yes.