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How To Have A Great Relationship - 5 New Secrets From Research

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So What The Heck Is Love Anyway?

Love isn’t an emotion, really. When you look at fMRI studies of the brain it shows up more as a desire. A craving.

And that explains why it feels so good. As far as the ol’ gray matter’s concerned love’s right up there with cocaine and cash.

All three activate the same area of the brain — the dopamine reward system.

so, if love isn't working, there's always cocaine and vegas!

I would not recommend cocaine and Vegas as substitutions for love.

Those seem more for people who have given up hope.

true.  it does sound like a sad, sad solution.

Hopefully we can show people that there is a better way.

pandawhale to the rescue! (see adam's #love stash)

Why isn't great sex on this list??

It requires skills in vulnerability, courage, speaking desire, exploration, and really feeling your partner. 

It also fires dopamine, oxytocin, and loads of other fun brain chemicals (as well as being great exercise).

Because great sex is neither new nor is it a secret. :)

Crappy sex isn't new or a secret - great sex on the other hand is.

It takes curiosity, presence, connectedness, patience, and effort. 

It's a practice...

That's not a secret. Is it?

If it's a secret then I am sad for the people who don't know.

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