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Twin Sisters

This just aired on Frontline, a very heartfelt story.

They live thousands of miles apart, they speak different languages, but they are definitely twin sisters.

They have the same biological parents in China, but they never knew it until years later.

Mia and her twin, Alexandra, were found in a cardboard box and taken to an orphanage in 2003. Mia went home to the Sacramento suburb of Orangevale, Calif., with Andy and Angela Hansen. Her sister went home with Sigmund and Wenche Hauglum of Fresvik, Norway.

Both their families met during the adoption process in Changsha in China's Hunan province. The families felt very strongly that the girls were twins.

"They looked exactly alike," Angela Hansen said. "We were told they were not twins."

The couples stayed in touch. A year later, the families decided to do a DNA test, which confirmed that the girls were indeed biological twins.

So in 2009 at age 6, the girls met for the first time here. They've seen each other several times since.

There is really something about each of them that is the same that thousands of thousands of miles apart can't influence and can't change.

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The thing that's the same about them... Is that personality?

Personality, mannerisms, likes and dislikes, so quite a bit.  They also have a very tight connection to each other despite being separated when they were babies. 

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