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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sugar

Source: YouTube Video

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Thank you, Gamer_6:

It's not just that sugar is bad or that they sneak it into our food whenever possible. They want to obfuscate just how much sugar intake is required before you start having health problems.

Everyone knows that things like Big Macs are not good for you, but everyone is trying to hide just how bad they are for you. They're afraid we might designate such food as being unfit for regular consumption (like tobacco or alcohol), which would lead to huge profit losses.

Because such food IS unfit for regular consumption. How long can they hide it?


Washington Post says John Oliver is spot on:

With Halloween coming up this week, John Oliver used the holiday as a segue into a hard-hitting commentary last night on the troubling practices of America's sugar industry. The crux of it is that cloying amounts of sugar are hardly something we only find in candy corn, tootsie rolls, and lollipops today. Rather, spoonfuls of the stuff can be found in everything from fruit drinks to salad dressings, cereals, crackers, and ketchup. And, most worryingly, regulators aren't doing enough to help everyone understand how much sugar they're putting into their bodies. "We have no idea how prevalent sugar is in almost everything we eat," he said.

Oliver uses Clamato juice, most famous for its use in cocktails, as an example. It's hardly something anyone would associate with sweetness, and yet one serving has 11 grams of sugar. And examples are everywhere—Mother Jones, for instance, chronicled a number of surprisingly sugary foods last year, including Subway sandwiches, Luna granola bars, Yoplait yogurt, and California Pizza Kitchen salads. Flavor-enhancing techniques have long relied on sugar boosts to make foods more appetizing.

CPK salad is surprising!  All those times I passed over their pizza for a salad....dammit!!

Yeah, you thought you were eating healthy but actually you were eating a lot of sugar.

I wonder how often that happens in restaurants. 

I wonder how much extra sugar is in their pizza .....

Well there's the overt sugar in their sauce, and then there's the sneaky sugar / bleached flour in the dough...

I imagine there's more than you'd want to know.

Three centuries ago "it was common for bakers to add bean meal, chalk, white lead, slaked lime and bone ash to every loaf they made."  From _At Home, A Short History of Private Life_ by Bill Bryson, Chapter 6, "The Kitchen".

that's not a huge surprise.... all you really need is something for the gluten to bind to

Bone ash is pushing it, but was the white lead really necessary?!

well since it's an established fact that children are completely incapable of resisting the addictive flavor of paint chips, I'd guess that's a special kiddie bread.... lol

Heh. They might be able to resist it more if they knew it had bone ash in it. :)

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