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Humans might already be evolving into a new species

Humans Might Already be Evolving into a New Species | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green BuildingSome scientists think humanity might be heading toward extinction, but others, like the founder of Harvard Business School’s Life Sciences Project, Juan Enriquez, believe that perhaps we are evolving into a different species instead. Knowing that we could be evolving and altering our own evolution is, according to Enriquez, the biggest story ever told. Enrique has released a book about his theory called Homo Evolutis and has explained his ideas at several TED Talks, revealing how the age of homo sapiens may be over and a new era ready to begin.

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Based on past history, it makes sense we would evolve again, it makes less sense that we would stop evolving.  Hope we turn into something smarter, stronger, better :)

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I walked right into that! lol

So, will our kids be another species?