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Marvel's Diversity Play

Why Marvel Fans Are Losing Their Damn Minds Vulture


Progressive superhero nerds had almost lost faith. It seemed as though they'd never reach the promised land. But lo, the movie-studio gods smiled upon lovers of diversity this day: At long last, Marvel Studios has announced Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies, and today, geeks across the galaxy completely lost their minds.

If you did not lose your mind, allow us to break down the nerdgasm. As we’ve noted before, Marvel Entertainment has stood at a political crossroads in recent years. Its comic books have earned a commendable record for diversity and inclusivity, but its (extremely lucrative) movie output has remained focused on straight white men.* For years, two characters have been fans’ best hopes for a better cinematic tomorrow: Black Panther (a.k.a. T’Challa) and Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Carol Danvers). If only those two could get their own movies, liberal fandom would say to itself and anyone else who would listen,Marvel movies could be what we want it to be.

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It's hard not to see this as the Disney influence.