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Baby duck feeding carp koi fish gif

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Super cute!

"Here you go, quack quack!"

There's some for everyone!

that is so dang cute!!  he's making friends with all his pondmates!

I wonder what makes this duck want to share. Most ducks just gobble all the food in front of them.

I guess some ducks just like to feed fish.

actually, we were feeding our pond duck the other day, a lone female mallard, and she would take the crumbs and wet them in the water, smashing them up with her beak (and losing all sorts food in the water).  i immediately thought of this thread and thought, "aw shucks... maybe they're not being as cute and generous as we think they are.  maybe that's just how they eat."


The duck isn't feeding the fish. The fish are stealing from the duck!!

Found a gif of the second one:

Emily is right -- the birds are using the water to soften their food and the fish are stealing the food.

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