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3 Reasons Behind Alibaba’s Success

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His 3 strategies were to have no money, no technology, and no plan?!

This cannot possibly work for everyone.

About Strategy

There were 3 reasons behind our success, they were very valid points:

First, we had no money

Second, we didn’t understand technology

Third, we never planned

About money

I believe that money could not solve all the problems. Money is just an important tactic in problem solving. So, when people say, “I have money, so I can do this” That is the start of their failure.

About technology

I don’t understand technology, I really don’t. Even today, I still don’t understand what coding is all about. Even today, I still don’t understand the technology behind the Internet. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t respect technology.

My experience with technology is similar to 80% of our users. We respect technology, but we are afraid of it. We just need it to be useful. If you can’t use the technology — regardless of how good it is — it is useless.

Btw interesting chat even though it goes 35 minutes:

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