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Google+ is focused on user age, gender, and location instead of the Interest Graph.

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Google is busy chasing Age, Gender, and Location information of Google users, while Facebook and Twitter are focusing on using the Interest Graph.

Thoughtful words on that subject from Josh Constine:

Isn’t it curious that Google+ doesn’t actually show you any ads? It’s because the time-on-site and page views there are trivial. Hit the road, Jack. Don’t you ever come back and post an update, upload a photo, or add anyone to your Circles. It doesn’t matter. What’s important to Google is getting your biographical data. That’s why Google founder Larry Page said that by “baking identity into all of our products…you’ll have better, more relevant search results and ads.” on the 2011 Q3 earnings call.

But the really sad part is that soon, biographical data won’t be enough either. Facebook, having successfully determined who over 845 million people are, now wants to know what they do. It wants behavior data, and has created the Open Graph platform to foster apps that tell it what you do in structured way it can target ads against.

Google’s a talented company with a trove of Android usage, search, email, and maps data Facebook and Twitter lack. But now it needs to think hard, come up with a brilliant strategy, and leap-frog. Otherwise Google is going to find itself playing catch up in a race that’s already over.

Hint: Start with Search. I'm interested in what I search for.

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