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Is Private School Not Expensive Enough? -

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My proposal: Supplement the traditional development model with a new pricing model. During the admissions process, along with quoting the stated tuition, the school should inform all families of the real costs of operation on a per-student basis and, further, tell them that they will be expected to fill as much of the gap between tuition and cost as they are able with a donation. To determine this number, the same level of financial disclosure currently asked of financial-aid applicants will be asked of them, and a means-testing exercise will be used to determine capability. Any family not willing to provide such disclosure would simply be told that the school expected the full gap to be met with a donation.

Who can afford private school as it is?

Finance guys? VCs? People with millions in income? The 1%?

So basically this plan is to make education priced progressively.

That's pretty much how legacies who shouldn't get in, get into private schools, I figure.

It's just done discreetly, behind the scenes.

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