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World Series 2014 Game 7 in gifs

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Recap from superplatypus57:

Good evening, gif roundup time.

T1 Pablo gives some pep talks before the game. Getting Panik ready from carmenkiew

T1 Panda Hour continues with a wink to the camera Alternate via @carmenkiew

T2 Belt singles to load the bases with none out and Morse up to bat

T2 Morse sac fly to right, Panda scores to excite the Panda People 1-0 Hudson also diggin' it. Carmenkiew edition.Crawford sac fly to center to score Hunter in the next plate appearance, no good angles, but 2-0

T2 Pence, ah... Well, Pence. /u/MorseDinger asked, Is it bullpen time? @gidget also captred it

B2 Royals score two on Hudson giffable on request and gets pulled only going 1.2 innings. Affeldt relieves and shuts the door on Aoki. 2-2

B3 Things started to feel right when a fuzzy Giants hat became apparent behind Lorenzo Cain

B3 Panik to air to Crawford to Belt. Slo mo Original call was safe, which saddened Panik. Giants challenged, call overturned, which gladdened Panik.

Carmenkiew edition of that double play

B3 Panik's belt broke when he dove for the ball, so he got a new one from the bench during the replay. Fine, really, but this led to FOX zooming in on all the crotches. Okay then. Kuip: "You know he goes to the bench and there's 25 guys jumping over each other to give him their belts." Kruk: "And if he comes up here to ask for one from the booth well, sure kid, you can have a belt. You'll just have to wrap it around yourself twice."

T4 Morse singles to right, Sandoval scores. Pence congratulates(?) Morse from third. 3-2

T4 Civic Center and Morse react

B4 Bullpen Watch Inning. Here's Timmy in a silly toque. Get that hat off Tim! You're pitching. Bumgarner joins the bullpen for some sensual baseball

T7 Pitchers, we should really have a talk about joining the umps for God Bless America

Bumgarner with four beatiful scoreless innings, also. He looked as good as he did Sunday. High fastballs and looping curveballs were fooling hitters.

Let's watch the Giants in the last inning of winning the World Series

B9 a swinging strikeout of Hosmer

B9 Miller: "And the Giants are one out away."

"Gordon is now the Royals' only hope."

"And the Royals, who were on Death's doorstop, have a triple."

Okay, collect your thoughts everyone



From @gidget, more Buster hugs <3

From gidget, Pence running in

steam billows

Suggestions and corrections welcome. Update very likely. All gifs my own unless noted.

Thank you Giants. Thank you all, so very much.


Will include some favorites below.

By the way, the Royals came as close to winning the World Series as a team can possibly come.

The Sandoval game winning catch:

pablo sandoval panda game winning catch gif Imgur gfycat world series 2014 game 7 san francisco giants kansas city royals

Buster Posey hugs Madison Bumgarner:

buster posey hugs madison bumgarner gif Imgur world series 2014 game 7

buster posey hugs madison bumgarner meme world series 2014 game 7 Imgur San Francisco Giants Dynasty

san francisco giants dont stop believing meme Imgur

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