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Work hard, don't sweat the small stuff and save, save, save...

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I like the "Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond" lesson:

In "Bermuda Triangle Tangle" (1987) Uncle Scrooge and his nephews travel to the aforementioned triangle to untangle its mystery. Once there, the intrepid adventurers meet Captain Bounty, an old sea salt who not only runs the place, but also keeps it safe from a seaweed monster that lurks in the depths. Scrooge frees the sailors who have been captive to the sea monster for ages brings Captain Bounty back to Duckburg to live.

Little does Uncle Scrooge know that the seaweed monster followed his ship home! Just before the monster scares away the entire population of Duckburg, Captain Bounty pacifies the monster with his virtuoso harpsichord performance. Though the residents of Duckburg are eternally grateful, Captain Bounty decides he will return to the Bermuda Triangle with the sea monster in tow. "I would rather be a big fish in a little pond than a little fish in a big pond," Bounty tells Uncle Scrooge. 

The same is true for any business: it's better to be a leader in a small market than a small player with no competitive advantage in a huge market. 

(For more, see: Understanding Market Share.)

By the way I added a picture to your page -- hope you like it.

Perfect! I'm testing being more like a whale than a panda today.

Sweet. I like what you stashed, Charlotte. Feel free to be more like a whale anytime! :)

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