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Want to strengthen your brain? Pick up a musical instrument.

Interesting short video on the brain and playing musical instruments. Playing music engages multiple areas of the brain and helps strengthen the bond between the left and right hemispheres. This may translate into improved executive function and memory.

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I like it but I've tried many musical instruments and I'm bad at all of them.

I wonder if I could get the same benefit from playing the radio.

Or an iPod.

Ron Swanson iPod meme Imgur this is an excellent rectangle

Ha! They actually mention that listening to music does strengthen the brain, just not nearly as much as playing an instrument. I recently started playing the piano. I'm terrible at it (but I have a blast playing all my old favorite songs of the 70s.)  I wonder if you have to be GOOD at playing the instrument in order to get the brain benefits?

"Talent doesn’t matter in this context, just ongoing practice."


You can feel your brain working overtime. Similar to learning a language.

It's interesting because I find myself bored by the prospects of learning to play a musical instrument -- and learning a new language.

Maybe some peoples' brains inherently don't want to learn those kinds of skills.

Or maybe it's just me. :)

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