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Cocktails To Drink Before You Die - Classic Cocktail Bars

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King Cole Bar at the Regis Hotel (address and info)

New York, NY

"You could get a great Manhattan down at PDT or Employees Only, but it's the kind of cocktail that you want to drink at an old-world bar. Any of the iconic New York hotel bars would be great for this, but King Cole Bar produces it correctly... and with style. As an added plus, they have a healthy selection of American whiskeys to choose from.

"But the history of the Maxfield Parrish triptych hanging over the bar is really the star of the show. There's a secret to the triptych: the two guards holding the spears are looking away from the king and the other has his finger up the side of his nose. When you look at the faces of the people around him, the King has just cut one. He's got flatulence and no one knows what to do about it."

So... Drink a Manhattan IN Manhattan before you die?

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